Each Fred Perry shirt has its own story, and the collaborative t-shirt with UNIVERS is no different. 

Featuring patches lifted from the Punk insignia, it signifies rebellion against the system, and inevitably, progression -- values imbued and shared by both Fred Perry and UNIVERS.

Following the release of the UNIVERS x Fred Perry t-shirt, tattoo artist Gigie Santiago and musician Mito Fabie front the campaign for the collaboration.


A lot of people choose to express themselves through clothing and accessories -- things that can be removed. What draws you to the permanent medium of tattoos?

The stories and the meaning behind each tattoo. Their reasons of getting one also as it shapes who they are as a person.

What was your first tattoo?

It was of a traditional sparrow with a banner and a bible verse about love. 

When did you get it?

I got it when I was in college at 18 years old. It was a gift for myself.

How nice. Tell us why you chose that design. Has the meaning behind it evolved through the years?

I still find it relevant even though it may come across as cheesy. It serves as a constant reminder to myself of what love is in general and how it endures all things. Love for work, family, friends, and so on.

When working with a client for conceptualizing custom tattoos, what’s your process like?

I'm very lucky to have clients that trust me with the design process. Usually, when they come in, they're already aware of my style. What I normally think of is the right placement and size, so that the tattoo still looks excellent even when it ages.

What considerations do you make, knowing that these designs will be part of their bodies usually for the rest of their lives?

Certain details of the tattoo might get lost when the lines expand. I always tell my customers not to get it too small to be on the safe side. However, if they really want it small, I just adjust the details.
Do you have a favorite among your tattoos?
Ah. My favorites are the ones for my children. Crimson and River. They're my inspiration.
Crimson River, of course! Last question. Is your idea of permanence in tattoos similar with your outlook of life?
Yes. There's a similarity. When you get a tattoo, you can't just erase it like that. Same goes for your life's major decisions. When you decide on a certain direction, it's not easy to change paths.
That's true.
My main takeaway from all this is to just really think about what you want and power through. 


What drew you to a career in music?                                 

It was the most natural thing in my life. It still is. I can’t say I chose to do music. Even if I wasn’t pursuing it as a career, I would still be making it. I can’t leave it. It can’t leave me. It’s just a part of my life.

Let's talk about your artistic process. It’s been a while since you started as a musician. What has remained the same all these years?

The approach towards the writing.

Any changes?

Almost everything. During quarantine, I really had a lot of time to reflect. One big question was, “What if my career as a performer is over?” That whole wrestling with the idea of no longer doing music as a career allowed me to approach music differently.

How so?

It made me think outside of the box that I actually placed myself in. I was just making songs and performing them to stay relevant. Now, it’s back to creating music for the love of it.

That's a good eye-opener.

I actually had been cutting myself short in some ways. I never produced music. I never was inclined to pick up an instrument. Because of the lockdown, that changed. The brighter side of the last two years, which reshaped my life, is the fact that I’m really trying to get deeper into my craft.

Which among your earlier tracks still resonates with you most?

The one that I can really still say word for word meaningfully is "For The Love."

Interesting. What makes you say that?

When I wrote it, those were all just aspirations. Now that I'm still performing it, it's coming from a different perspective where I've achieved certain things in the song. At this point in my life, I'm finding ways to keep pushing the envelope and moving forward now knowing what I know.

Are there new themes you’re looking to explore more of?

Currently, I feel I'm really boxed in as a rapper. I do love the rhythm and the word flow of rapping. I'm in love with music not only because of rap. Rapping is kind of like a facet of my love for music. To be able to show the world that I love music and all of its genres and different flavors is something I want to present when the world reopens.

How do you perceive the idea of permanence?

The permanence is in the recording. A hundred years down the line, as long as someone is playing my song, then I'm still alive. I have this line that goes, "Live forever if you go and choose to play this song."  

UNIVERS x Fred Perry is now available in-store and online.

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